"And whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes Me." -                     Matthew 18:5


Hands of Hope USA partners with the local community to educate and feed the children in Lusaka and Mumbwa, Zambia. We work in partnership with local leaders and families to operate schools, provide daily food and clean water and foster economic development.



A well-rounded education is essential to a child’s overall well-being. At Chikondi Community School, children are encouraged to combine the knowledge and skills they have already acquired with new curiosities about the world around them. We also promote social bonding, character development, and higher-level thinking as the children are exposed to scholarly academia.



To ensure a healthy lifestyle, nutrient-rich foods are the key to a robust diet. Cultivating the surrounding land to release the potential for prosperous gardening will give the villagers an opportunity to establish fresh and lively eating habits. With the addition of the well, fresh and clean water will be available to use in various ways.



A safe family oriented home is essential for these children. In order for them to have hope for their future and the future of their country they need to experience the love of a secure family who loves them.



We want to give hope, healing and a life that is full of love.


By showing them Jesus we show them perfect love.



In Mumbwa, building a church, worship center and school will provide for Christian worship and quality education for a deprived community.